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About AS-ET

Our Organisation

The Animals in Science Education Trust (AS-ET) is a charity registered under the UK Charities Act 1993.

AS-ET was established in 2010 by the Institute of Animal Technology (IAT) but now operates as a separate organisation. It is headed by two distinguished scientists; Professor Lord Naren Patel KT (Patron) and Professor Sir Richard Gardner FIAT (Hon), FRS who chairs the board of trustees.


AS-ET has distributed, or is committed to distribute, nearly £160,000 in grants to support education and welfare activities. The bulk of the grants are in the form of bursaries to enable individuals to attend courses to improve their own knowledge and skills. These courses range from specialist short courses  to long formal courses such as those leading to the IAT further and higher education qualifications.


AS-ET has also made grants to support research projects, the development and provision of short courses and educational meetings. In addition we have established a special travel bursary, the Congress Bursary Competition and sponsor three educational prizes.

The trustees welcome applications from individuals for financial support for activities in that are accordance with our aims.

For information about applying for bursaries, becoming a supporter or for news about our activities use the menu above.

Our Mission

The aim of the trust is to:

Advance education and promote excellence in the care and welfare of animals used in science.

It seeks to achieve this aim by:

  • Providing bursaries for course fees, travel and accommodation;

  • Providing funding to develop teaching packages;

  • Supporting the development of handbooks, DVD's and other course material;

  • Supporting the development of web based learning;

  • Supporting students with special needs

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